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Logo Design 


A logo that speaks for your brand

Your logo is the face of your business and a well designed and strong logo will enhance your brand recognition. We offer affordable but yet bespoke and considered logo design and branding. In fact, we love creating and developing a logo and straplines that's a reflection of your business and it's personality. Our process involves fully understanding our clients businesses and symbolising their values. 

Case Study: The Dressing Rooms 

To create a strong identity that becomes synonymous with The Dressing Rooms using a typeface that is elegant and timeless. A flexible logo that can be adapted and embellished to suit different situation such as seasonal variations, however at the same time keeping the core business identity. A recognisable brand that is both flexible and adaptable to trends and fashion. 

Multiple Concepts


Style Option 1.

clean, classy, high-end style which was easy to read. Removing any pre-conceived opinion a potential client will have of the business based on the style of logo. This approach is often a strong option for brands with long titles, as it de-clutters the name into a format that can be instantly read.
The devil is in the detail and tiny adjustments can make big differences - we can show you this in a number of typeface options
to create subtle variations to the look and feel - for example deco, modern, traditional etc.


Style Option 2.

Linking the D & R provides a subtle hint to the primary focus of the business, as small subliminal touches can add big value.
Incorporating ‘The’ into any stylised logo can be a challenge, this typeface allows for a unique treatment which helps tidy up the overall appearance.



Style Option 3.

This shows a similar arrangement, using a more scripted typeface (a quick creation to explain a theory).
Whilst this type of approach can often seem like a good idea initially, the brand identity can become too fussy.

Maybe you’ll like the look to begin with, but over time they can fall out of trend.
If you are looking for an identity that stands the test of time, you may consider avoiding this style.

Developing The Concept

TDR Final Design Logo 01 04 04 22 WITH BACKGROUND.png

Elegant and stylish typeface will never get tired or go out of fashion. Using TDR in the strapline as a reference to previous brand identity.


Alternative slogans and straplines to suit the business needs.


Attention to how the logo will look and feel on different backgrounds or images.


The heart gives a quick example of how this option will work with ‘additional embellishment’. Added details like this should never be a permanent part of your brand identity as this can be altered to suit occasion, seasons or promotions.


It's important to try alternative colour variations. Adding gold accents may or may not work - something else to develop further. The use of a drop shadow can be a subtle but have a big impact. 


Development of the brand equity to crossover all platforms. Social Media platforms will often require square logo formats. The logo has to be developed with this in mind.

Embellishment Of The Design

To assess the proposed brand identity, prior to final sign off, we look to test the suitability and versatility of the branding. A 'futureproof' logo can provide client confidence prior to investment.

TDR Final FLORAL Logo F2 04 04 22.png
TDR Final FLORAL Logo F1 04 04 22.png
TDR Final FLORAL Logo F3 04 04 22.png

Final Design

TDR Final FLORAL Logo F4.2.1 27 04 22.png

Minimalist/clean type face is given a contemporary pop with the strong colours and texture of the peonies

TDR Final FLORAL Logo F4 19 04 22.png

Square versions for website favicons and other applications

TDR Final FLORAL Logo F4 19 04 22.png

Circular logo for Facebook and Instagram profiles 

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