Search Engine Optimisation 


SEO Agency Birmingham

There are many web design companies that produce websites without any consideration to their long term SEO performance. Through our Search engine optimisation we can get your business noticed and improve your Google rankings. Based in Birmingham, our agency will give your website a complete audit and identify weaknesses in it's make-up and fix any errors. We will then carefully design an SEO strategy that gets your website moving in the right direction at a budget that works for you.

Our search engine optimisation strategies include a variety of cost-effective and transparent packages for all types of SMB's

Keyword Research

We'll conduct extensive research around your market and your competitors, in order to build a detailed list of keywords to put you in front of the exact people who are looking for your product/services. It's imperative to identify the right keywords and locations at an initial stage in order to execute the right optimisation strategy.

Monthly Website Audit

We run monthly site audits and produce an overall site health check. detecting any new errors and highlighting where previous issues have been addressed and fixed. Analysis of your domain authority, backlinks, internal links, crawlability, security, text/HTML ratio and HTTPS website architecture.

Monthly backlink Audit

Monthly reports to detect any broken or lost links as well as detecting dangerous and suspicious backlinks. 

Monthly Keyword Position Tracking

Monthly position tracking on your top keywords, landing pages and your competitors websites.

On-site SEO

Using 'Google best practise' our on-site SEO is the basis of any good search engine optimisation strategy and without the right technical on-site SEO your website will never stand a chance. Here we analyse and fix your site content and word count. It's about the right balance, enough good relevant content but without keyword stuffing. Within the on-site SEO we look at improving your domain authority, speed optimisation and optimising the correct tags, headings and mata data.

Off-site SEO

​The off-site search engine optimisation can be described as the on going side of your SEO strategy. We'll mainly focus on improving your websites Google trust score. We'll create and optimise your Google My Business listing in order to help Google understand you as a real business. Link building of quality and relevant back links. The key to getting the right back links are to build links that have expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. With SEO it's important to remember to never stand still as Google like to see your website change and evolve. We can design a strategy to offer a monthly blog writing service using 'Google trends' as a great source of content material. 


On-line business directory links are important and having an up-to-date NAP (name, address and phone number) information that is consistent across all platforms. Citations do not necessarily need to be linked to your website in order to for you to be credited for them.