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Why You Should A/B Test Your Social Media Ads

A/B testing is a digital advertising strategy that allows advertisers to performance test against multiple running ads to see which get a higher engagement and conversion rates. This form of testing is becoming increasingly popular for social media campaigns like Facebook and Instagram ads. Testing multiple ads with different content, strategies or even by different target audience groups.

What Variables Should You Test?

Variables you should consider testing could include the ad layout and what will appeal to your given goal. Are you going to try a carousel ad, a link or traffic ad, a call now ad or a video ad? Testing layouts could be one of the first things you want to test. Ad copy is another important variable worth testing early on. Play around with headlines, text length, style of images and even the use of emojis and hashtags and see which combinations achieve the best engagements.

Testing Target Audiences

Another useful way you can A/B test your social media ad is by audiences. As well as the ad content the target audiences that you identify is paramount to a successful strategy. Social media offers the advertiser the unique ability to target their audiences based on their interests and behaviours. Testing between different audiences for multiple ads for a short while and then gather the data to understand which audiences generate the best conversions. Once you have narrowed down the best audiences for your campaign you can then build lookalike audiences against these. Lookalike audiences are basically other social media users that share similar interests and behaviours.


A/B Testing should be fundamental to your social media paid ad campaign. Using trial and error is a great way to take the guesswork out of your decisions so you don't waste your budget. Here at AdSomething we can build social media strategies and extract the best performance from your budget using our data-driven strategies.


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